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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main purpose of the MUS Demographics Survey?

The MUS Demographic Survey allow us to know the key statistics of the Shia community in the UK. This information will enable us to develop long and short term strategies to progress the shia community in the UK and Europe.

What does Demographic mean?

Demographic is the statistical data of a population, especially those showing average age, income, education, etc.


Why are we Capturing a respondent’s ethnicity or race is in the demographic question?

Its a common statistical category in census data, it may also help in future projects.

Why are we Asking a respondent what their highest level of education?

This is a key statistic, the media is constantly comparing the highest levels of attainment of various backgrounds, we are often within the stats by nationality, but never shown via our faith. We want to know what percentage of our community is highly qualified and we would like to help or offer advice to those who have lower levels of education.

Why do we have questions about the household composition, including marital status, number of children etc?

Without knowing the number of children or marital status the population figures will not be valid or hold any credibility, hence we are attempting to gain quality statistics. Most of these are optional questions.

Why do we need to know the Professional or Employment Status of everyone ?

This is a common and key statistical attribute of any population survey, the obvious statistical benefit is that we will know which fields we are mostly employed and which we are lacking in.

Why are we asking about disability?

This is an optional question, it is also a common question in population surveys. MUS wants to increase the focus on disabled facilities at centres, and other programmes designed for those with special needs..

Why do We want to know where someone is born and their nationality?

We want to know British citizens and others. Born in UK for Matrimonial and other policies.

Why do I need to mention whether I am Syed or Non Syed?

This is a key attribute within our communities and we would like to be aware of it statistically, also in the immediate future it will help with matrimonial services.

Why do I have to disclose my annual income?

This is Optional question, although is a key statistic for analysing our community per capita income and potential to provide advice or arrange programmes for those with lesser incomes.

Will my personal information be shared with governmental departments?

No this is not the purpose at all.

How is my data kept safe on your website?

MUS have put all reasonable controls in place to safeguard your data, you will find the webpage you enter your data in begins with https:// which indicates a secure protocol, we are using JotForm which is a highly trustworthy provider that uses SSL for all its form builder products, you should also see a padlock next to the web address this indicates another layer of protection, where the connection to the Jotform server is encrypted. You will also find the survey page is Malware scanned and verified on a daily basis.

Where is my data stored?

JotForm provides a secure location for data storage and enables us to utilise the data in a safe and effective way.

How can I update the form afterwards?

There is no process to update your data afterwards, this is because we have designed this as a one of survey, not an upto date database.

I am having issues submitting more than one form using my email why?

You can only use email address once on this form, this is to keep the website safe from spam attacks, also to help with data validation.

Setting up a new email address is easy, usually takes less than 2 minutes.

Alternatively you can use https://maildrop.cc/ this will create a temporary email address for you,which can be used to fill the form, takes 5 seconds!

Who will have access to this data? MUS

We have set high standards and process. Only appropriate management within MUS imamiyyah council will have access. Each access will be obtained via a secure access request process requiring approval from the president of MUS, they will only be granted access for an approved project and will only be given specific data, not general access.

will my contact details be used for third party marketing companies?

Will Shia UK businesses have access to my contact details for advertising purposes?

Will I be entered automatically into any initiative without my consent when I submit my data?

No, this is why we have requested multiple contact details to ensure we can contact you with targeted MUS initiatives. Only exception is the Ziarat raffle.

If I have concerns over the safety of completing the form, who do I report it too?

Please send an email to enquiries@majlis.org.uk

Can I save the form and fill part of it at a later stage?

No, however to make your user journey easy we have limited number of questions that are mandatory and provided dropped downs, typically you will need only 5 minutes to complete.

Can I forward this form to other people?

Yes to other UK’S Shia. In fact we will really appreciate if you can inform all your relatives and friends from your Shia community locally to complete this survey.

Can I fill this form on behalf of other family members above age of 16? This will save time and some family members don’t use internet.

Yes with consent and having full information.

How do you validate the the information entered in the form is correct?

We are working on a validation process, this is likely to include confirmation email or phone contact verifying information with details provided.

However at this stage the data is more for statistical understanding, hence 100% validation is not necessary.

Is this form for the UK shia only? Yes for UK residing Shia Ithna Ashari.

How long will this information will be kept with MUS?

Currently this is a one off data collection exercise, we are working on our strategy for rollout and going forward whether we will need to collect data again in the future. Depending on the usability we may retain a subset of information or all of it if deemed necessary. We can assure you that only necessary data will be stored.

Will MUS safely discard all the information once it is not needed?

This information will be discarded at the next Survey.

If any of my circumstances or details change, can I update them?

No, this is a survey, not a database so information collected will be for a point in time only

Who is the contact person if I have any complaints regarding misuse of information?


36. Is MUS required to register with the Information Commissioner Office in the UK?

No. MUS has done a self-assessment on 7th May 2017 and the outcome was that it is not required to be registered by the ICO

37. Does MUS come under the Data Protection Act of 1988?
Yes. DPA 1988 is law and every citizen and legal entity has to abide by it.

38. Is the data backed up for disaster recovery?

Yes, period data backups are taken and access is restricted to MUS personnel authorised by the President of MUS

How can I correct wrong information after submission of the form?

Email enquiries@majlis.org.uk

What is MUS?
Majlis-e-Ulama-e-Shia Europe – One of the oldest Shia organisations in Europe, which historically been run by Ulama, for Ulama. However they have included shia community improvement as their key objective.

Is MUS a registered organization in the UK?

Yes, MUS is a registered charity Charity no. 1173167

What are the key milestones and timelines to complete this survey?

End of Ramadhan 2019.

When will I get an update about the Ziarat prize draw?

Will be after Mahe Ramadhan (TBC)

What is included in Ziarat prize draw offer?

All inclusive for 1 adult to either Iran or Iraq with a ziarat group of MUS choice.

Can I nominate someone else for Ziarat if I win?

Yes, please ensure this person has filled out the survey as well.

I do not have an email address, how can I fill in the survey form?

Setting up a new email address is easy, usually takes less than 2 minutes.

Alternatively you can use https://maildrop.cc/ this will create a temporary email address for you,which can be used to fill the form, takes 5 seconds!

I am a student in the UK from abroad, can I fill in the demographic form?

Yes, as long as you have or will be staying in UK for 6 months or more, this is perfectly fine.